Top 15 Brands in Influencer Marketing on Instagram in 2024

Discover innovative strategies from top brands like Prozis, and L'Oréal, it will give essential insights for talent managers and influencers aiming for success !

The influencer marketing landscape is witnessing rapid transformations in 2024, underscoring the importance of innovative strategies and impactful collaborations for talent managers and influencers. This guide highlights the standout brands in influencer marketing from January to March 2024, focusing on their diverse and creative campaigns.

15 Brands who invest in influencer marketing on Instagram in 2024

Here's a closer look at the top 15 brands that have set the benchmark for influencer campaigns in 2024:

  1. Prozis - Revolutionizing the health and wellness sector with campaigns that blend motivational stories with actionable health tips.
  2. Lancomeofficial - Elevating beauty standards through elegant and inspiring beauty narratives.
  3. Lalalab - Capturing moments and memories, Lalalab's campaigns resonate with the heartfelt value of personalized photo products.
  4. L’Oréal - Pioneering in the beauty industry with campaigns that champion diversity and inclusivity.
  5. YSL Beauté - Redefining luxury beauty by connecting with audiences through glamorous and aspirational content.
  6. - Promoting sustainable living with eco-friendly personal care products through engaging and informative campaigns.
  7. Twistshake - Targeting modern parents with innovative baby products, making parenting stylish and practical.
  8. Shein - Dominating the fast fashion industry with trend-setting and budget-friendly fashion collaborations.
  9. Kiehls France - Standing out in skincare by highlighting their natural ingredients and effective results through relatable influencer stories.
  10. Armani Beauty - Synonymous with sophistication, their campaigns merge the worlds of fashion and beauty with elegance.
  11. Andros - Bringing family and nutrition together, their campaigns focus on healthy eating habits and delicious, fruit-based products.
  12. Santarome - Promoting wellness through natural supplements, their campaigns are grounded in the power of nature for health.
  13. WILD - Innovating in the outdoor and adventure gear space with campaigns that inspire adventure and exploration.
  14. Airwick - Enhancing home experiences, their campaigns focus on creating inviting and fragrant living spaces.
  15. Yves Rocher - Advocating for botanical beauty, their campaigns emphasize sustainability and the efficacy of plant-based products.

For talent managers and influencers, these examples serve as a rich source of inspiration and a guide to what makes a campaign truly resonate in the crowded digital landscape.

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The Crucial Role of Accessing the Complete Database for 2024 Success

You can have access to the full database of more than 3500 campaigns between brands and creators on Instagram from January to March 2024 ! Here’s why downloading and analyzing the full database is crucial :

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  3. Competitive Advantage: The detailed analysis of top campaigns offers a competitive edge by highlighting what leading brands are doing right. This information can be the key to differentiating future campaigns in a saturated market.
  4. Targeted Collaboration Opportunities: The database not only showcases successful campaigns but also highlights the influencers who have driven significant engagement. This makes it easier to identify potential collaborators who align with your brand values and audience.
  5. Measurement and Benchmarking: Understanding the benchmarks set by leading campaigns allows for the setting of realistic, yet ambitious goals. It also provides a framework for measuring the success of your own campaigns against industry leaders

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