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Your problems

Are you also facing these problems?

"I don't have time to monitor trends."

Mégane, project manager

"I can't find new brands that invest in influence marketing."

Léa, talent manager

"I cannot find the right

Julien, talent manager

The solution

Sulico helps you find brands for new influencer campaigns!

base de campagnes d'influence sulico

1 - Discover brand deals

Explore our database to identify influential brands and creators on Youtube. You can see the latest brand deals on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram and Twitch.
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sulico help sort by niche and platform your brand deal

2 - Sort by niche & platform

Don't waste time creating your own database, here you can just filter to find the deals that interest you. You can filter by niche, date, and social media.
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Thanks to sulico find the decision-makers

3 - Find decision-makers

Quickly access contact details for brand decision-makers to facilitate outreach. You can also export it in CSV to enrich your CRM !
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Our customers love Sulico

Discover why our clients love using Sulico

Sulico Database, it's a banger!
I have no other words!

megane talent manager

Talent Manager

Sulico is very useful for us, especially for quickly monitoring the market. We are aware of all the recent collaborations, which helps in prospecting.

The interface is easy to use, the best part is definitely the ability to filter by networks, niche, etc. That's great.

lucien ceo jump influence

CEO Jump Influence

Sulico saves us a lot of time in searching for contacts for our various content creators.

It also keeps us up-to-date on collaborations that are released on the internet and provides an overview of certain brands and their influence strategies! I recommend.

simon founder vy media - influence

Founder VY Media

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