How to become a Content Creator

Becoming a content creator is a bit like writing a book: in theory, anyone can do it. However, the real challenge lies in engaging and retaining an audience. If you're creating content, it's meant to be seen, ideally by as many people as possible. Here are some tips to stand out as a content creator:

Have something to say
Put yourself in your viewers' shoes. No one is interested in content that lacks substance. Ask yourself what you can offer. What are people looking for when they view your content? Are they here to learn or to be entertained?

Choose a specific theme
Just like a book or a magazine, it's better to have a clear guiding principle. Define an editorial line that will guide your creation.

Find your unique element
It might be tempting to replicate formats that already work. However, if you just duplicate what others do, why should viewers follow you? Even in a saturated field, make sure to bring a unique touch, whether in content or form.

Focus on content over production
Especially in the beginning, focus on what you are going to say rather than on sophisticated visual production. If you are making videos, worry about your narrative before thinking about editing. Your content dosen't need to be perfect, here's why.

Be responsive to feedback and start quickly
Read your users' comments and consider their feedback to improve your content. Don't aim for immediate perfection; the important thing is to start quickly and improve over time.

Consistency is key
Many give up after just a few videos. Successful creators are those who persevered for years before finding their audience. Content creation requires great stamina.

Promote your work
Let the algorithms of social platforms help propel your content. Today, what matters is the quality of your content and its engagement with users.

Build a community
The more content you create, the more connections you will make with your audience. Cherish them: respond to their comments and questions. Creating content is not just about posting videos; it also includes interacting with your community in the comments.

Monetization will come with time
Sponsors and other forms of income will not appear immediately. Do not worry, money will follow as your audience grows. To avoid missing out on opportunities, ensure your contact email address is accessible on your profile so that brands and agencies can easily reach you.

For more resources on the creator economy, feel free to listen to our podcast, The Creator Economy.

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