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Analytics are here !
March 22, 2024 · Sulico v1.15
  • A new "analytics" page is available, allowing agents to view figures for all their talents, and creators to see their own numbers. We will regularly add additional data.
  • A new "realease" page is available, you can now follow the latest updates on our dedicated page.
  • It is now possible to connect your social networks directly on the media kit page.
  • The loading of the "Messages" page has been improved.
  • We have added new custom error messages to help understand the issues encountered.
A dashboard on Sulico to help track your brand deals a a talent manager or content creator
  • Private messages now appear in order. The most recent message is at the top of the list.
  • Pagination is now reset to zero when switching statuses in the list view.
  • Users are no longer redirected to settings when they connect their YouTube account in the "Get Started" section.
  • Signatures are no longer duplicated when one is deleted.
Known issues
  • Some users experience slowdowns, we are currently working on performance improvements to address this issue.
Sulico is available in english
March 12, 2024 · Sulico v1.13
  • The Sulico app continues its development and is now available in English. To change the language, go to Settings, then Preferences.
  • We have disabled automatic email sorting as it was causing confusion among our users. All emails will now arrive in "🔵 Received"
  • When creating their account, new users are now prompted to connect their email, social networks, and select their permissions before even accessing Sulico. This new pre-configuration step aims to make the integration of new talents easier.
  • It is now possible to delete a draft.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented access to the "Send" button if there were too many attachments.
  • Resuming a draft no longer adds extra line breaks.
  • The signature now changes depending on the selected user when composing an email.
  • Mentions now appear correctly in the list view.
  • Some operations were duplicated when members of the same organization communicated with each other, this is no longer the case.
  • The composition window no longer closes automatically in case of an error.
  • Improved confidentiality of campaigns on the Clients page.
List view and tasks
February 21, 2024 · Sulico v1.11
  • Addition of a global list view. You can now view all your operations through a list view that groups all statuses together.
  • We have renamed "sales" to "campaigns" to better match our clients' usage. When you create a new campaign, you can now choose a label title as well as a color. The label will then appear on your operations.
  • The "Deliverables" page has been renamed to "Tasks" - In addition to viewing past and upcoming deliverables, you can now create tasks and assign them to your collaborators and/or talents.If these tasks are related to an operation, they will also appear in the operation's chat.
@Mentions and e-mail tracking
February 7, 2024 · Sulico v1.10
  • To facilitate communication internally and with talents, it is now possible to mention other members of your organization in the chat.
  • Integration of Notifications on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari : By activating notifications on Sulico, you will be alerted whenever someone mentions you in an operation or in a private message.
  • Email Tracking : You now have the ability to track the opening of emails you send from Sulico. This way, you'll be informed when your recipient opens your messages.