The Ultimate CRM for Content Creators

Save time by automating repetitive tasks and tracking brand collaborations in real-time.

Elevate Your Productivity

Sulico is the personal assistant you've always dreamed of.

Maximize Your Time

Create media kits, quotes, invoices, and reports with a single click.

Professionalize Your Workflow

Sulico assists in taking your
business to the next level and growing your revenue.

Keep It All in One Place

Centralize your emails, collaborations, and invoicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Access Sulico?

The app is not yet available in English, but you can still book a demo or sign up on this page to be notified when it launches.

When can we expect the English version of Sulico?

The English version of Sulico will be coming in the next few weeks; we're actively working on it.

Can I use Sulico if I already have an agent?

Yes, whether you're an independent creator or part of an agency, our app is designed to adapt to your situation.

Is Sulico a subscription-based service?

A monthly or annual subscription is required to use our app, but you can take advantage of a trial period to test our tools.

Where can I download the Sulico app?

Sulico is already available on MacOS and Windows, with Android and iOS apps in development.

Your Complete Solution for Partnership Management

Sulico is the all-in-one app that helps top creators track
and automate their business collaborations.